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About the Company


Our Working Place

We are one of the leading organisations in national and international trade of agricultural products. We deal in products like ONION, MAIZE and OTHER FOODGRAINS. We make you food available directly from the farmers, so that you are assured for supply of fresh and best quality crop from us

Shri Mishrilalji Tarachandji Lunkad is the founder of this group under name S. TARACHAND. The firm was established in 1985 with the sole intention of being able to supply you healthy food. Mr. Vardhaman M. Lunkad (M.B.A.) who pioneered this group is the CEO of this organisation. He holds a rich and a profuse experience in supplying best quality produce to the customers.

We have a team of well educated and well experienced staff to ensure proper supply for our valued customers. Ever since our inception we are known for supplying Best Quality Onion and Food Grains all over India and abroad. We assure our customers Better Supply, Better Quality, Better Packaging and Faster Delivery with our Proactive and Innovative Management Skills


All credit of being able to supply you best quality produce goes to the Farmers of our region, who are well aware and well educated. Our area is known for producing good quality crops all over India and abroad. Our Research Team constantly carries out research in our area and Educates Farmers to ensure Better Productivity, Better Quality and hence Better Price.



Nashik region is known for producing delicious variety of onion crops. It goes without saying that all big onion companies have its roots from this district. The demand for crop from this region is the highest. There are 3 types of crops that are basically grown by farmers in this region Gavthi (March-October), Red Onion (November-January) and Rangda Onion (January-March). With our skilled staff and enormous experience in this field we can assure you supplying the best crop with good packaging. We can supply you different types of onion and in variety of packaging as per your demand.



We also supply best quality Maize with minimum moisture to suit your demand. The Maize grains are stored according to different shapes and sizes. They are dried properly to minimise the moisture content in the grains. There are basically 2 season crops for Maize October to February and May to July. We take care of proper maintenance of hygiene in our premises.


How we work ?

Direct Purchase

We purchase Onion, Maize and Other Foodgrains directly from the farmers in an auction organised by the market committee. It is the first and basic level where the farm produce initially lands. Hence we have a Direct Interaction with the Producer of the product. The product hence lands fresh in our warehouses with no human intervention.


These produce needs proper atmosphere to preserve its quality. They are stored at our own warehouses to eradicate moisture and improve their quality. We have 5 warehouses at various locations to minimise losses and ensure better protection. We have clean and hygienic storage facilities at all our locations.

Grading and Packaging

This is the most important factor of process in our business. Different Farmers get different types of products and of different quality and quantity. Our well trained and skilled staff who works under supervisors ensures that only acceptable produce goes in for packaging. We do take care of maintaining hygiene facilities at the very basic level so that you do not lose the delicious taste of the produce.


We distribute our products in different regions of India and also abroad. We have a license of Government Recognised Export House to be able to export Agricultural produce. We mainly export onion and maize to UAE, Saudi, Colombo, Malaysia, etc.We are known for our quality and faster delivery at all markets. The goods are dispatched in trucks, containers and vessels to different locations for our customers.

Social Responsibilities

With the constant growth of our business we did not forgot out responsibility towards society. We constantly took care of distributing our profits amongst common man, from farmers to end consumers. The Corporate Social Responsibility lies ingrained in our organisation and our members. The firm has been selflessly working for the benefit of common man from the very beginning.

To name you few of our activities,

  • Mr. Vardhaman M. Lunkad is the Chairman of Baglan Education Society, English Medium School, Satana. He is also associated with Shri SNJB School, Chandwad. He is dedicating his time for the well being of these young minds and bright future of our nation.
  • Mr. Satish M. Lunkad has been a real social person amongst us.
  • He was Chairman of Rotary Club, Satana. He has organised free operations for polio patients twice during operating almost patients.
  • He is Chairman of Apang School, Satana, taking care of several children and educating them .
  • He has also organised Blood Donation Camps several times and also received an award for collecting maximum blood during the camps.
  • He has built 'Mishrilal Tarachand Lunkad Snehalaya', Hostel for physically challenged students.
  • We have also restored an oldest Shiv Temple in Thengoda, which lay unattended for years.

Hence, these qualities of selfless help for society are ingrained in every staff associated with us. They feel proud to be associated and working with us. Every member of our organisation comes forward for well being of this society and are also rewarded for doing any good to this society.

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